All Dere Types! (in my Dere Types to Ship Dynamics)

Warning: This is still a work in progress (WIP) even though I've completed 106 out of the 106 (106/106) dere types definitions! I will try to make this website look nice! Hopefully this will help with knowing what the dere type means! Also I'll try to fix any grammer or spelling mistakes!

This the definitions of all the dere types in the dere generator I made! This list will be made in alphabetical order like a dictionary so hope this will be easy to through and find the definition!: Dere Types to Ship Dynamics.

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Note: These are very simplified summaries (like three sentences give or take) of what these dere types actually are if you want like the full information I high recommend the dere wiki.I will put the links in the same box as the dere type I summarised.

Note pt 2: Ok, before going into this I will be using the term "loved ones" as friends, famalies and love interest. Keep this in mind as well if you have a story based on like a friendship story or something like that you can interpret like love interest as friends as well.

Note 3: Some of these deres while typing up on this websites are geeting deleted off the dere wiki which is lowkey makes me kinda sad and makes me lose motivation to write this website. So if things get more lazier after deres that start with K then like thats the reason.

Note 4: I'm too lazy to write like catgirl/catboy so if you see something like catperson that means like the catgirl/catboy archetype.

Note 5: I'm realising now that I this is going to be a WIP for a while, but basically want I want to say that if a definition is the same as the one before it it is tstill a work in progress.

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Note 7: I deleted 4 from J because I didn't know it was worth to keep since the dere wiki just like deleted them. I'm kinda sad but at the same time I can understand why thise dere types were deleted or at least speculated why they were deleted.

Sources: The Dere Wiki (Main Source of info), EVERY "DERE" TYPE EXPLAINED (YouTube Video). Of course I'll add more if I come across more info on the way but if one of the sources is specific for one dere type I'll put it in with the dere type definition.

Here's the list in alphabetical order:

Ahodere (Western)
An Ahodere is someone who is oblivious of the romatic feelings of others or even themselves. Usually their obliviousness will be very exaggerated usually for comedic effect. Eventually if they do recongnize if they are in love they are still oblivious if their love interest loves them back.
Ahodere:More Info

A Bakadere is someone who lacks common sense and has a childish nature.Most characters who are of this nature usually carefree, optimistic and air-headed, they will usually rush into things without thinking things through. They are kind and innocent at heart and will weird things to get the attraction of their love interest.
Bakadere:More Info

A Bibidere is someone who has a cowardly personality and is scared of most things. Most of the time they will hide behind others (even their love interest) or they will wanted to be comforted by them. However if their love interest is in danger their will face the danger and put their fears aside to protect their love interest.
Bibidere:More Info

A biridere is a tsundere who expresses their feelings through electricity, usually in a hostile way. Basically instead of berating or punching their love interest they will shock their love interest. TLDR Tsundere but with a more shocking experience (I'm sorry lol).
Biridere:More Info

A Bocchandere is someone from high status that thinks they are better then everyone. They are basically spoiled rich kids that love to flex their status/money. However if they become fond/like their love interest then they will use their status to protect/help them and even lose the pompus atitude around them.
Bocchandere:More Info

A Bokodere is someone who lashes out by physically assualting someone/love interest when they're embarrassed even if they don't want to hurt anyone. They are similar to Tsunderes but the difference is that the Tsundere knows and acts mean to the person they like while the Bokodere does it mostly by accident. Later on if they are used to affection they will be able to control their impulses.
Bokodere:More Info

A Borodere is someone who has a good heart but are living in very poor conditions usually making it difficult to being with their love interest.A borodere is basically someone who is trying to survive whether by working hard or by going into a life of crime. Depending on their love interest status they will push them away as they do not want them to help the borodere as the borodere wouldn't want to bother their love interest.
Borodere:More Info

A Bosudere is someone who acts bossy to their love interest, some may be actually bosses of like a company or just bossy people. Despite being super bossy around people (love interest included), they still care about people. Even though they're bossy they may change their atitude if they're too strict or too demanding for their love interest.
Bosudere:More Info

A Bureidere is someone who acts impolite or rude especially to the person they like in order to hide their feelings. They are the type to swear and act impolitley, even in situations they may control themselves but also lash out if their patience is gone. Despite the way these characters act, deep down they have a lot of admiration to their love interest and when becoming closer with their love interest they will start acting nicer to them.
Bureidere:More Info

A Butsudere is someone who is the embodiment Buddha's teachings and principles. Basically someone who is very calm, peaceful, zen, wise and moral. They are very compassionate to the ones they love and are very peaceful to their love interest. They will spend time meditating and getting rid of negative emotions to be the best person they can be.
Butsudere:More Info

A Byoukidere is someone is kind and gentle but are seriously ill so they are usually in a hospital room, wheelchair or have difficulty getting around. They have two diferent moods depending on how sick they are 1. felling better = more themselves and 2. feeling more sick + feeling more helpless. Their love interest will be by their side trying to help them out and the Byoukidere will try to be optimistic and give them hope.
Byoukidere:More Info

A Dandere is someone who is very silent and comes across as emotionless alot of the times. They're the type to not talk unless absolutely necessary and will not really talk to anyone unless they are comfortable with them. The difference with Kuudere and Dandere is that dandere are mostly silent due to social anxiety or extreme shyness. The love interest of the Dandere will kinda be the pillar to help them out and overtime will help the Dandere get over their shyness.
Dandere:More Info

A Danredere is someone who is usually quiet and less shy than a Dandere, but is more talkative around their love interest. They usually are quiet and shy but if someone else is nice to them they will be more outgoing and cheerful. Usually someone has to approach them first otherwise the Danredere will just keep to themselves.
Danredere:More Info

A Daredere is someone who likes to do extreme things and epic things recklessly. They will often rush into dangerous situations with the most dangeropus but epic solutions. They are often carefree and energetic but if their interest is in danger then they will save them no matter what even turning more serious.
Daredere.exe missing

A Darudere is someone who is dull and boring, usually they would want a mundane life. They don't really want to do anything exciting and rarely show a smile or be happy. They would usually be dragged by the love interest to do something fun even though they would prefer to be alone to do their own thing.(secretly they enjoy hanging out hanging out with their love interest even if they don't wasnt to admit it). After, spending time with their love interest they will complain less, eventually will realise they love hanging out with the love interest and show more of a happy and caring side.
Darudere:More Info

A Deredere is someone who is lovestruck and doesn't hide it as they are very open and are very sweet, affectionate and flitatious around their love interest. They either confess to their love interest or throw pretty obvious hints that they like the love interest. Deredere are pretty happy campers when they're around their lovers and blush around them.
Deredere:More Info

A Deretsun is someone who has more dere than tsun, basically someone who is usually sweet and kind but will lash out from being overwhelmed by their love interest. Usually they get along with people and are nice people. It is just their love interest that triggers their more irritable side.
Deretsun:More Info

A Dorodere is someone who seems to be sweet and nice to hide their intentions of hatred for the love interest. A Dorodere will use the love interest for their own gain and even crush them sneakily. Dorodere usually have a combination of love and hate towards the love interest which could make them hurt their love interest and the people around them. Eventually when the dorodere realizes they have fallen in love with the love interest it can go two ways. They actually go along with this love feeling or try to kill this feeling by killing the love interest.
Dorodere:More Info

A Doromuga is someone who seems to be sweet and nice but have deeply disturbing and intrusive thoughts. They never act upon these thoughts to their love interest since they love them a lot. Similar to Dorodere they have a combination of love and hate which makes the doromuga more confused. They don't know if they love the love interest or want brutally harm them.
Doromuga:More Info

A Dottidere is someone who is eccentric and has unusual ways to win the affection of the love interest. Dottidere can range from someone wearing fantasy clothes to mad scientists basically anything that is strange character archetype. They are usually seen as suspicious from their uniqueness from others but they mean no harm. Their love interest may have a hard time understanding them but overtime their love interest gets used to their antics (and maybe see them as fun).
Dottidere:More Info

A Eiyuudere is someone who tries to act like a hero or aspire to be one. They will try to do what a hero does best but end up failing or messing up. They also are arrogant and haughty because they believe they are a hero. (there is not much info on this one).
Eiyuudere.exe missing

A Erodere is someone who puts up a lewd persona to hide their feelings but will become extremely embarassed feeling real romance. They will act like soneone who is experienced but they actually aren't and will grow more love dovey as time goes on. Erodere will flirt and suggest things to their love interest thinking the love interest won't actually go through with it. If the love interest reciprocates and wants to do it the Erodere will be completely confused.
Erodere:More Info

A Fuandere is someone who has constant extreme anxiety and can only be usually calmed down by their love interest. (There is actually like two sentences idk what else to type).
Fuandere:More Info

A Fumindere is someone who had like zero sleep and may appear restless and always tired. They may act cold and apathatic but this is due to to them not having any sleep. On the outside they don't seem to care about others but once they got some sleep they will act a bit more caring. Their love interest will usually be worried about them and will try to help them.
Fumindere:More Info

A Fushindere is someone who doesn't trust their love interest and think their love interest is lying to them. They are very paranoid and thinks that their love interest will harm them emotionally or physically. They will even think that their love interest doesn't like them and like other people.
Fushindere:More Info

A Gandere is someone who lashes out by shooting at their love intereest with a gun when they get embarassed in order to mask their feelings. They are basically Tsundere/Bokodere but with guns. After getting used to being with their love interest the gandere less likely to pull out their guns out of embarassment.
Gandere:More Info

A Goudere is someone who is dedicated to please their love interest as in they will do whatever they can to make their love interest pleased and happy. The goudere doesn't necessarily follow orders, more like do things they think is good for their love interest. Sometimes these situations will make awkward and uncomfy situations for the love interest.
Goudere:More Info

A Gundere is someone who is unable to express their love to their love interest so they turn into a drill sergeant and start acting like one (berating like one). They are like a Tsundere but instead of acting like a regualar Tsundere they go full mean, harsh drill sergeant instead. With time they will be able to show affection to their love interest and control their drill sergeant impulses.
Gundere:More Info

A Hajidere is someone who disapprove and ashamed anything about love. Any mention of love and lust in the conversation will be shameful to them, especially if they're being teased by others around them. Once they meet the right person and fall in love they will realize that falling in love isn't something to be ashamed about.
Hajidere:More Info

A Hanrandere is someone who is very rebellious and will complain if they do something they hate or think it's a waste of time. They are very open about their emotions if they have to do something they hate or like and will try to convinve their loved ones to join them. The Hanrandere will learn from their mistakes thanks to their friends and loved ones so they learn better ways to solve problems.
Hanrandere:More Info

A Hikandere is someone who feels insecure and inferior to others usually they tend to avoid people or apologize to them (especially their love interest). Due to their personality they will try to avoid going into a relationship with the love interest. Their love interest has to show that the Hikandere is the sunshine in their life and will stay by their side.
Hikandere:More Info

A Himedere is someone who wants to be treated like a princess, basically someone who wants to be pampared and be taken care of like a princess. Sometimes they are actually royalty status or just someone who thinks they are of higher status and everyone is just inferior. Himederes usually have a backstory of why and how they become this way and tells us why they crave for power. Himederes usually can come off as arrogant, self-centered and vain but overtime show a sweet and loving side. Himederes can soften up as time goes on and can learn valuable lessons from their loved ones.
Himedere:More Info

A Himitsudere is someone who keeps secrets and have a very mysterious aura around them. They will keep secrets from people and only share secrets they trust which is usually the love interest. When the love interest gains the trust of the himitsudere, they will act more open and awkward around them and share a lot about themselves.
Himitsudere:More Info

A Hinedere is someone who is very cynical and nihilistic about the world, they are cold hearted and arrogant. The hinedere will be easily annuyed by people including their love interest and will turn hostile due to their ego. If the Hinedere finds someone to be a big burden they will usually give the person the silent treatment and cut them off completely. After spending lots of time with their love interest they will change their view on life and not be cynical.
Hinedere:More Info

A Hitsujidere is someone who acts very sheep-like or like a sheep-person and may act more sheep-like when being with their love interest. This character tends to be like a real sheep, they tend to be innocent, sweet and shy. They usually have horns(whether real or not) and have wool like hair. Sometimes the hitsujidere can be mixed with the nemuidere because of the whole sheep's association with sleep.
Hitsujidere/Meedere:More Info

A Hiyakasudere/Teasedere is someone who teases their love interest (seductively) and often like seeing the reactions of their love interest. Sometimes they do this because they like their love interest and sometimes they do this to hide their feelings. They may do this to test the waters of their love interest and usually the love interest will think that the Hiyakasudere/Teasedere is just messiong with them. When the Hiyakasudere/Teasedere realise their relationship isn't going anywhere they will become more serious and more honest about their feelings.
Hiyakasudere/Teasedere:More Info

A Hokodere is someone who is very proud of their relationship and will show off their relationship no matter what. A hokodere are always happy about their relationship and will talk about it all the time. They are not ashamed to show these feelings and will act lovey dovey with their love interest all the time at the disgust of others because of how excessive the hokodere is. If the Hokodere is seperated from their love interest they will spend a lot of the time commenting on how they miss their love interest, how much they love them and feel like they cannot live on without them.
Hokodere:More Info

A Inudere/Wandere is someone who act dog-like to their love interest or is actually dog-person. They are usually energetic and very happy or sometimes they can be depicted as dense and simple-minded. They will usually wag a part of their body to to attract their love interest as well as being very loyal to their love interest. Inudere/Wandere also have big appetite and can eat a lot of food like a mukbanger or like an actual; dog.(lol)
Inudere/Wandere:More Info

A Jendere is someone who acts gentlmenly, basically very nice and protecting like a prince. They will always protect people with a kind smile and copliment their love interest. They usually have excellent manners and act mature. If serious matters arise then they can be strict but never fully mean.
Jendere:More Info

A Kahogonadere is someone who is overprotective over their love interest and will protect their love interest, even if their love interest can protect themself.
Kahogonadere:More Info

A Kamidere is someone who wants to be treated like a god by their love interest, this god-complex they have makes them arrogant and will see everyone else as inferior not giving everone else the light of day. Sometimes they're actually a god and sometimes they're a human that just have a god-complex. The kamidere will see themself as this god that is perfect and is better then everyone. If the kamidere gets closer to their love interest they will lower their god-complex and start caring for what their love interest has to say. The Kamidere will also start seeing the love interest as equal or even above them.
Kamidere:More Info

Kanedere (Western)
A Kanedere is someone who loves money, status or anything that benefits them as they will use other people for money. They will show interest to anyone that looks like they have a lot of wealth so that they can flirt and manipulate people to use for their own benefit. While at first they only care about money, once they found a person they love they will realise that money isn't the most important thing but insead their love interest.
Kanedere:More Info

A Karutodere is someone who is heavily religious and probably a part of a cult as they strongly believe in the faith and quick to ask dieties for guidence. If they're in a relationship they can say that their love interest worships the same deity, practice the faith or act in what they believe is correct. Even if the love interest has their own belief the Karutodere will give them moral advice and guide from what they learnt from the cult but they won't force anything on the love interest.
Karutodere:More Info

Kekkondere (Western)
A Kekkondere is someone who wants to get married to their love interest straight away as they believe in fated love. As soon as they see their love interest they will imeadiatly want to marry them or when they fall in love with their love interest. this could make their love interest reject them because how persistant the keekondere is. Eventually ehen the Kekkondere wins the affection of their love interest they will have the wedding of their dreams, or get married with the love iunterest straight away if their love interest agrees.
Kekkondere:More Info

A Kichidere is someone who is generally crazy but their feelings of love are normal with their love interest. Usual this character is seen as someone who is crazy or demented to others while they will be sweet and pure with their love interest.
Kichidere:More Info

A Kiredere is someone who is wants their love interest too improve but come off actiung harshly towards them. This means they will make rude commentas hoping that they will imoprove themselves but really makes the love interest feel hurt. They will target stuff about their love interest like training, diet, in hopes to make their love interest strong and be able to protect themselves.
Kiredere:More Info

A Kireidere is someone who is attracted and admires their love interest whether that being appearence, personality or skills. Usually their love interest is ignored and are overlooked. Once the Kireidere sees the potential of their love interest they will want their love interest shine and will make everyone see the beauty of their love interest.
Kireidere:More Info

A Kiridere is someone who has two sides, a serious rolemodel when they are in work mode, and a emotional and less reliable side that is shoiwn to close ones and loved interests. The work mode side is usually mature and are often good strong leaders this side of them is usually seen by everyone. Their other side is more emotional and sometimes they act more embarrassed, clumsy or just let loose usually in private and only with their love interest.
Kiridere:More Info

A Kondere is someone who act or is actually a fox-person. They may act having a fox like personality like being sly with high intelligence. After getting closer with the love interest they will be more kind and compassionate
Kondere:More Info

A Koukidere is someone who is very curious about anything they're interested. They will try to find things about stuff that interest them (including people) and will want to know everything about them. This will include asking a ton of questions, observing the love interest's voice and behaiviour to eventually learning secrets about their love interest. This may include the love's interest for the koukidere.
Koukidere:More Info

A Kowadere is someone who scares their love interest but also is affectionate to their love interest. Kowaderes typically love scaring their love interest because they like their reactions or expressions.They will switch back and forth from scaring them to loving them. Overtime Kowadere will stop being so scary once they are falling in kove with their love interest. While some Kowadere still continues to scare their love interest and will comfort them.
Kowadere:More Info

A Kumadere is someone who has bear like traits whether that be physical or personality wise.
Kumadere:More Info

A Kuudere is someone who is stoic and cool but is secretly loving and passionate. Usually they react to everything kinda expressionlessly and act like ice queens that don't talk if they see no need for it. Sometimes Kuuderes will have sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes they will not understand jokes, sometimes are regarded as a genius and sometimes they are neurodivergent and have difficulties understanding social cues. There are a lot of different types of kuuderes but at the end of the day when, they warm up to their love interest they will show more emotions. Whether that be a sweet smile or a love confession really depends.
Kuudere:More Info

A Kuutsundere is someone who is someone who expresses their true feelings, they do not have big mood swings like tsunderes while still being more calm and collected like a Kuudere. There are two types of Kuutsundere that usually appear: the ‘Temperic Type’ and the ‘Apathetic Type’.
The Temperic type are calm individuals but have moments where they’re more hotheaded, it takes a while for them to warm up with their love interest.
The Apathetic type tends to be well apathetic and often show no emotion, they can be rude and sarcastic at times.
Kuutsundere:More Info

A Kyouzedere is someone who is more attracted to characters that reject them. Basically their love interest will be someone who doesn't like them and the Kyouzedere will see them as as a challenge and will try their best to make their love interest like them even if they got rejected. They will try to annoy and flirt with their love interest. Eventually the Kyouzedere realizes they love their love interest on the inside rather then looking at them like a challenge.
Kyouzedere:More Info

A Maadere is someone who is a merperson or so obsessed that they want to be merperson that they act and behave like one. The appearence of a Maadere is usually a top-half of a human and a bottom of a sea creature. Usually there are two potrayals of the Maadere, the fairytale side or the mythological origin and to sirens. Tthe fairytale version is more commonly used where they are elegant and princesss like, they will sometimes hide the fact that they're are a merperson until they can reveal that they are a merperson. The more mythological siren version will be more seductive and will try to doom others (this type is mostly ued in horror or thriller). Sometimes this archetype would be in a forbidden relationship with a human so some will turn fully into a human or turn their love interest into a merperson.
Maadere:More Info

A Masodere is someone who is a masochist, literally they like being humilated and teased by their love interest. They will be submissive to the one they love and will want their love interest to toy and control them. The Masodere has different levels of masochism depending on the character, some just like their partner to be in control or want physical humiliation (the spectrum is quite big). While some just like any humiliation, others would only want their love interest to treat them that way and some will actually have this side of them hidden and will only show them to their love interest.
Masodere:More Info

A Mayadere is someone who is an antagonist, but switches sides after falling in love with their love interest(usually the protagonist or on the protagonist's side). They're basically the bad guy that would want to mess up the protagonist's plan or even kill them. Overtime they will be friends or even fall in love with the MC or one of their team memebbers. Usually due the Mayadere having to team up with MC team because of a bigger threat. While some will actually switch sides, while some will still remain as the antagonist but they maybe will be nicer and easier for the MC Team to defeat.
Mayadere:More Info

A Megadere is someone who has a large affection for their love interest, they will show, share and give large displays affection about or to their love interest. They will be flirtatious to their love interest and happy around them. The Megadere will also admire theeir love interest a lot and put them up on a pedestal. As well as if they see their love interest they can't hide their affection for their love interest.
Megadere:More Info

A Megaundere is someone who obsesses over their love interest to a very high degree, likke they put them on a pedestal. They can’t see anything bad about their love interest and will follow anything their love interest says, even if their love interest treats them badly or are morally incorrect. The Megaundere are very easy to manipulate as they will do anything to please their love interest even if it is at the cost of them or anyone around them.
Megaundere:More Info

A Narudere is someone who is a narcissist. They will brag about their good points or good qualities to try to win the the love interest (tho that tends to do the opposite). Eventually they will learn to tone down the arrogant matter and make serious effort to be affectionate to their love interest.
Narudere:More Info

A Nemuidere is someone who intentionally or unintentionally sleeps like a lot, they really like sleep. They are usually very relaxed and sometimes intelligent and artistic when they are out of the sleep mode (albeit for a bit before they go back to sleep). They are very sweet and loving to their love interest. Sometimes their love interest are the ones to motivate them to sleep less sometimes.
Nemuidere:More Info

A Nezudere is someone who is a mouse/rodent-person or someone who is obsessed about mouse/rodents, they start to act like one. They are usually shy and quiet but sweet and nice. If they do not know the people around them they will view them as scary and could have some rivalry with the nyandere. A Nezudere sometimes will have physical traits like a mouse/rodent-like the ears, the tail, the teeth etc. They also like cheese.
Nezudere:More Info

A Nisebaka is a character that acts like their stupid or clumsy when they’re really smart, to get the attention of their love interest. They want to appear helpless so their love interest will help them.
Nisebaka:More Info

A Nyandere is someone who is a cat-person or someone who is obsessed about cats they start to act like one. They will show their affection by rubbing their body on their love interest's body like a cat. The Nyandere will enjoy being petted like a cat by the love interest and will have nyaa/meow at the end of their sentences.A Nyandere sometimes will have physical traits like a cat-like the ears, the tail, the teeth etc.
Nyandere:More Info

A Ojoudere is someone who is well mannered, young lady from a rich family. They are usually kind and polite wuith everyone and sweet with their love interest. They are basically himederes but they actually act like princesses not an entitled brat. Ojouderes don't necessarily have to be rich just someone who acts like a well manmnered rich person.
Ojoudere:More Info

A Ookamidere is a type of wandere/inudere that acts like a wolf or is a wolf dog-person. They will put on a scary wolf-like persona to hide their fluffy loving puppy heart. Sometimes will have physical traits like a wolf like the ears, the tail, the teeth etc or some of this stuff like decoration/accessories. Depending if they get into fights often they will have scars or worn out clothing so the character looks tough. They’re usually distant, dangerous and arrogant on the outside but overtime will be kind and sweet once the love interest gets to know them. The Ookamidere are extremely loyal and will protect their love interest no matter what.
Ookamidere:More Info

A Onidere is someone who wants to be feared by everyone because they want to be powerful because they feel they're in a higher position then everyone. Due to this they are kinda power hungry and will coinfuse cruelty as strength. Usually it's the love interest that breaks them out of the Onidere's exterior. At first the Onidere will hide or deny the feelings of love due to their powerful position and will act rude to the love interest, the Onidere will feel bad and will try to be sweet behind the scenes with the love interest. Eventually they will realise their love for their love interest is more impotrtant to them then their reputation and will oponly act lovingly.
Onidere:More Info

A Oujidere is someone who wants to be treated like a prince, basically someone who wants to be pampared and be taken care of like a prince. Sometimes they are actually royalty status or just someone who thinks they are of higher status and everyone is just inferior. Oujideres usually can come off as arrogant, self-centered and vain but overtime show a sweet and loving side. Himederes can soften up as time goes on and can learn valuable lessons from their loved ones.
Oujidere:More Info

A Papadere/Mamadere is someone who basically is someone's Glucose Guardian/Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy so it means they usually give gifts and money to their love interest. They tend to do this for various reasons, some may just like the facial expression of their love interest after giving the a gift, some feel it's the only relationship they can build with their love interest and some to win the affection of their love interest. Eventually they realise a relationship doesn't have to be them giving gifts and money to show love. The apadere/Mamadere will still help out their love interest if they have expenses.
Papadere and Mamadere:More Info

A Peradere is someone who likes to talk a lot, like anything that comes to their mind and talk about everything that they know. Sometimes this could lead them to revealing personal topics without any care about them or others. Usually people around them will get tired from them or even not understand them. They're very enrgetic and friendly and will chat more to someeone top who they trust.
Peradere:More Info

A Pyondere is someone who is someone who is a rabbit-person or someone who is obsessed about rabbits, they start to act like one. They usually have physical traits like a rabbit like the ears, the tail, the teeth etc or will wear stuff like that. A Pyondere is usually energetic, happy, like a rabbit their personality is quite bouncy, like off the wall or will only act like this when excited. Depending on the way a Pyondere is designed they have different personalities, they can be a Teasedere, Deredere or even an Erodere (intentionally or unintentionally).
Pyondere:More Info

A Raibarudere is someone who always competes with someone they hate or desppise which usually that someone is the love interest. Slowly they will start to develop a crush on the love interest rival and be lovestruck. They will try to show their worth to their love interest and start acting in like a light tsundere to their love interest. Overtime they will have more friendlier competitions though they will deny anyone mention any changes in the Raibarudere attitude.
Raibarudere:More Info

A Rindere are mature and have a cool exterior but once their love interest gets to know them they open up and are very affectionate and sweet. They are very reliable and may scold others for good reasons but will never lose their cool. Also Rinderes are not afraid to speak their own opinions and are confident.
Rindere:More Info

A Risoudere is someone who is famous and popular, they are usually seen as perfect. They will seem out of the love interest’s league if the love interest is not also a Risoudere. The love interest might try too hard and may hurt themselves or their chances to get noticed by the Risoudere. TLDR: Risoudere are a famous or popular person.
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A Roshidere is someone who is lovey-dovey in one language in one language, and indifferent or unkind to their love interest. They don't want their love interest to know their feelings while not wanting to hold these feelings in. So they will say it in another language so that nobody knows what they are saying.
Roshidere:More Info

A Sadodere is basically a sadist, they love to toy with their love interest and have control over their love interest. Though they still care for their love interest and still want their love interest to love them. They would want their love interest to be embarrassed by them whether that be them teasing or making their love interest do embarrassing things. If they feel like they have gone too far the Sadodere will apologise to their love interest since they don’t want their love interest upset. While some are mean to everyone, some will only reserve this behaviour, will act sadistic to their love interest and will get protective if anyone else tries to toy with their love interest.
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A Sattodere is someone who falls in love and has crushes on anyone that catches their attention or is attracted to them. This tends to get them a lot of rejections but it’s fine as the cycle continues they will forget about the ones they rejected them, since they’re crush on new/similar people. This will go on until they finally meet their true love.
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A Shindere who has died but still has affection for the love interest, that feeling then manifests them to be a ghost or that they regret leaving them alone makes them a ghost that can interact with their love interest. Shinderes are either ghosts or are revived but with drawbacks and ghost powers.
Shinderes that are ghosts are very lonely so when they find someone that they can interact with, they will stick with their love interest. Sometimes they don't remember their past. At the end of the story they will usually move on or some will turn human again.
Shinderes that are revived will have ties with the supernatural, they will have the ability to interact with supernatural beings and are usually held back by not being able to leave an area.
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A Shundere is someone who is usually depressed and is melancholy. Some Shunderes will try to appear fine externally but will be sad on the inside. They are usually pessimistic and have a tendency to overthink a lot on insignificant occasions. They may have a tendency to neglect others due to them thinking they wouldn’t get along with others. Their love interest will usually be the one to push them out of their comfort zone and will usually be the one to support them.
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A Smugdere is someone who takes extreme pride in themselves or their actions and making their trademark smug at their love interest to get a reaction from them. Usually Smugderes are characters who usually make a trademark smug whether that be doing something praiseworthy, outperforming, outsmarting their love interest to rub it in or when they think of a good plan. Usually they like to tease their love interest as usually they are more sarcastic than actually feeling superior. They do have a more serious loving side, they might have extreme pride in their love interest's actions and will make a smug face if the love interest does something that makes the Smugdere proud.
Smugdere:More Info

A Suzushiidere is someone who is very chill in any situation, even if the situation is very stressful or dangerous. They usually have a carefree attitude, a cosy vibe and a sociable manner. This usually means they are popular and will greet everyone like they are a best friend. If a Suzushiidere really likes someone, they will act like usual but they will later reveal that they are really nervous to know what their love interest had to say (if the Suzushiidere confessed to their love interest).
Suzushiidere:More Info

A Taidere is someone who is very lazy but will go out to spend time with their love interest. They’re very carefree and don’t really plan things but will want to have free time and relax. They will often complain if they have to go out and would rather stay home. The Taidere will make the effort to spend time with their love interest. Usually the love interest is the motivation for the Taidere.
Taidere:More Info

A Teredere is someone who gets really embarrassed and lovestruck by their love interest. They will be extremely bashful and blush really hard when they’re near their love interest, some will even faint from blushing too hard. Some will avoid communicating, this will lead them to have short conversations with their love interest or spy on their love interest from far away. Some characters wouldn’t feel this way at first but only later on when they start falling in love with their love interest.
Teredere:More Info

A Thugdere is someone who mistreats their love interest emotionally, verbally and physically to hide their feelings of affection. The Thugdere feel like they need to hide their sweet and warm side so they don’t look weak. They won’t harm their love interest too greatly since it is not in their interest to do so. They may continue their violent ways if they receive too much affection or are uncomfortable. Overtime they will realise violence doesn’t solve all their problems and will be more true to themselves with their love interest.
Thugdere:More Info

A Toukadere is someone who tries to win the affection of their love interest by making and giving them sweets. They enjoy making sweets and want to share the passion of sweets with their love interest. Their skill range depends if it’s their job, their hobby, some even just making sweets for a special occasion or some just liking sweets and buying it from the store to share the love interest. The Toukadere usually give sweets to their love interest if their want to cheer up their love interest or to see their love interest’s face when their love interest enjoy sweets.
Toukadere:More Info

A Tsundere is someone who acts cold and hostile towards their love interest to hide their feelings for them. They are mean and sometimes physically hurt their love interest, usually calling the love interest stupid or something along the lines. Sometimes the reason they act like this is due to their background. As they fall for the love interest more they will usually do something nice or sweet for their love interest. Usually though once the love interest notices they are doing something nice the tsundere will try to deny it. As time goes on they will finally be open about their feelings to their love interest. They will still have a bit of Tsun in them but more mellowed out.
The rest of the the deres from here until the end of T will be variations of Tsundere, so keep in mind that they are pretty much tsundere but different.
Tsundere:More Info

A Tsun-Aho is someone who tries hard not to be interested in the love interest so much they make themselves look like a fool. When they are near their love interest they will blabber about how they don’t like them only to end up making themselves look bad. When they get embarrassed they will hit their love interest or cry, they will do many foolish things to try to hide their feelings. But by then everyone will know about their hidden feelings.
Tsun-Aho:More Info

A Tsundora is someone who acts so cold to their love interest that the love interest will actually think that they hate them. They make it so they act so distant and uninterested that they sound like they reject their love interest. This will make the love interest very confused and will think that the Tsundora actually hates them. The Tsundora will eventually have their cold exterior melt and will show a more loving side overtime.
Tsundora:More Info

A Tsun-Pure is someone who is brutally honest with their love interest but can’t be honest with themselves. They usually only express their true feelings when they have emotional outbursts. They act mean and hostile one moment then kind and sweet the next. At the end of the day though they are pure-hearted people that just want to protect their loved ones, even if they don't want to admit it.
Tsun-Pure:More Info

A Tsunshun is someone who acts uninterested and hostile in their love interest but then will feel bad afterwards due to their actions. They will usually decline invitations from their love interest by acting uninterested and grumpy. Then, will feel regret and sadness from not being able to be sincere and true to their feelings.
Tsunshun:More Info

A Tsuntere is someone who gets flustered from their love interest so they end up acting harsh to their love interest. Usually due to their embarrassment they will lash out and if they get too upset they will cry due to their overly complicated emotions.
Tsuntere:More Info

An Undere is someone who will always agree with their love interest even if it’s something they don’t want, so they can please their love interest and be lovey-dovey. This usually makes them dishonest with themselves and will not express any opinions to their love interest. This can make them distant from their love interest and will want to not upset them from their opinions.
Undere:More Info

An Usodere is someone who will create lies to win the affection of their love interest, usually covering a true part of themselves. They want to appeal to others including the love interest by making up their personality, hiding their feelings or a secret that they think will make them unsuitable to their love interest. Lies and tricks are the tools in the toolbox that they use to make themselves look good or to win the affection of their love interest. Eventually they will reveal their true selves to their love interest, this will make them feel a little vulnerable, but overall the Usodere can accept themselves for who they are.
Usodere:More Info

An Utadere will use music to show their affection and win the affection to their love interest. An Utadere will use their passion of music to express their affection to their love interest, they will write their feelings in a form of music, they enjoy the face of their love interest when their love interest listens to their music or they will use music to cheer up their love interest. If the Utadere is afraid or discouraged their love interest is usually their motivation.
Utadere:More Info

An Utsudere is someone who is usually depressed and pessimistic but becomes happy and loving around their love interest. Usually Utsuderes have a very traumatic event or a series of events that makes them the Utsudere that they are (usually that life gives them a push, that being a push off a cliff). Some will try to hide it with a smile and breakdown in the story, as well as some Utsudere display signs of not wanting to live anymore. In contrast with their depressive side when they are around their love interest they will feel happy, their love interest is like their beacon of hope. They will usually open up with their love interest and usually the love interest will help them out. Eventually the Utsudere can move from their prolonged sadness, being happy with their love interest by their side.
Utsudere:More Info

An Uzadere is someone who is quite loud and annoying to their love interest because they want to annoy their love interest. Usually they have a topic that they want to talk about with their love interest and get a lot of joy from it. Most Uzadere don’t really know that they’re annoying due to lack of social awareness and noise level. Some choose to be annoying so they can embarrass their love interest.
Uzadere:More Info

A Yandegire is someone who is sweet and kind at first, but then will be violent (with the intent to kill) for love and non- love related reasons. Either people getting too close with their love interest, them getting so angry that they snap or just for any reason.
Yandegire:More Info

Yandere is someone who is sweet and kind at first, but they will be very possessive and obsessive over their love interest. They will go through any lengths to make sure that their love interest is theirs and theirs alone. Depending on the type of story the yandere will be shown in two different ways, One romance Trope and One Shock Trope.. One with their more dere side, this is more for a romance series and not too scary as they act more lovey-dovey that is the Romance Trope one . And, one that is with a more yanderu side which is more reserved for the horror side of things. Showing how truly scary a yandere can be at full force is the Shock Type one.
TLDR Sweet at first but hella possessive and will do anything for them to be with their love interest.
Yandere:More Info

A Yeredere is someone who is very obsessive about their love interest but not as possessive, they just do a lot of exaggerated things to give their affection to their love interest.They have a huge adoration and obsession as they will cook for their love interest everyday, give them gifts and love letters, stalking them and stealing their items. Some Yeredere have friends but will only show their affection and worry to their love interest.
Yeredere:More Info

A Yoidere is someone who is usually calm and collected but when they are drunk they become very playful and flirty towards their love interest. They aren't necessarily alcoholics but when they do drink they will drop the calm exterior and their pent up feelings come up. Yoideres tend to have weak alcohol tolerance and often only takes a few sips.
Yoidere:More Info

A Yottadere is someone who has an alcohol addiction lol. They’re usually the type of person to ask people to go drink after work, have a constant drinking buddy or drink alone holding a bottle of alcohol in their hand. Yottaderes tend to have different behaviours depending on their strength and flaws. Some are angry drunks, some are violent and some just straight up pass out.
Yottadere:More Info

A Zondere is someone who is lovey-dovey despite being turned into a zombie. Even as a zombie they are very affectionate towards their love interest, the gap moe of having a terrfying thing conceptually be so sweet and kind is definetly a selling point. Unlike a usual zombie they aren't really mindless and have a good control of their brain and body which could help them win the affection of their love interest. They may be insecure about their zombie appearence and will try to hide it until someone accepts them for who they are.
Zondere:More Info

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